When it comes to home improvement, installing 12×24 porcelain tiles on your wall can significantly enhance the aesthetic appeal of your space. Porcelain tiles are known for their durability, water resistance, and low maintenance, making them an excellent choice for wall installations. This blog post will guide you through the process of installing these tiles on your wall.

Materials Needed

  • Before we begin, ensure you have the following materials:
  • – Tile adhesive
  • – Notched trowel
  • – Tile spacers
  • – Level
  • – Tile cutter
  • – Grout
  • – Sponge
  • – Clean cloth

Step 1: Prepare the Wall

Ensure the wall is clean, dry, and flat. Any wallpaper or loose paint should be removed. If the wall is uneven, consider using a leveling compound.

Step 2: Plan Your Layout

Lay out your 12×24 porcelain tiles on the floor to get an idea of how they will look on the wall. This step helps you avoid unnecessary tile cuts and ensures a balanced design.

Step 3: Apply the Adhesive

Using the notched trowel, spread the tile adhesive on a small section of the wall. Hold the trowel at a 45-degree angle to create ridges in the adhesive, which helps the tiles adhere better.

Step 4: Install the Tiles

Start from the bottom and place the first tile on the adhesive. Use tile spacers to ensure even gaps for the grout. Check each tile with the level to make sure it’s straight. Continue this process until all tiles are installed.

Step 5: Apply the Grout

Once the adhesive has dried, remove the tile spacers and apply grout in the spaces between the tiles using a grout float. Wipe away the excess grout with a damp sponge.

Step 6: Clean and Seal

After the grout has dried, clean the tiles with a damp cloth to remove any grout haze. Finally, apply a grout sealer according to the manufacturer’s instructions.


Installing 12×24 porcelain tiles on your wall can be a rewarding DIY project. With the right tools and steps, you can transform your space into a beautiful and stylish area. Happy tiling!